Essential Foods

We are here to safely provide our local, South Texas, communities with fresh groceries and toiletries. 

Why Choose Us?

As companies around the world are re-tooling, Butchers Foods is ready to answer the call of our immediate community and South Texas. We are offering the essentials (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Dairy products, and household toiletries). You can count on us to provide you and your family safely during this time of turmoil, with fresh groceries at a competetive price.


Local Partnership & Sponsor(s): 

We Do It All Brothers (Contruction, Remodeling, Roofing, Tree Services) - (210) 618-9970


Anthony Butcher


Hello everyone wanted to say hi and tell you why we are motivated to serve our community. I’ve always had a passion to cook anybody that knows me will tell you that . Just recently we had to store our gourmet food trailer due to our current situation, we felt that we could use our resources in a positive way by delivering essential foods to customers the Coronavirus is everywhere and with the lack of testing the grocery stores is essentially a hub to contract the virus. Our mission is for the elderly and parents with young one’s essentially everyone to buy this way without having to expose ourselves to theses large groups of people and risk getting the virus . The last couple o days in San Antonio alone three stores have tested positive ! Don’t be one of the one to test positive. Our prices are very competitive and our product is used by some of the finest restaurants in town . Give us the opportunity to serve you and your family proud . God Bless and let’s get through these challenges as we have in the past .